The Power of an Energy Efficient Home Envelope

The modern sustainable building has evolved from classic green technologies such as rain barrels and massive solar panels to the complete package of energy conservation and efficiency, designed and created to help people live an energy efficient life. This creates a building envelope that embraces the critical role of helping to reduce energy consumption worldwide. In fact, numerous studies demonstrate that investments in conservation and efficiency will likely generate the fastest Return on Investment.


Tightly seal your doors, windows, walls and your roof to keep your climate controlled air inside your home.

The term building envelope is used to denote the physical barrier betwixt the interior and the exterior of a building or a home. This is what gives the home thermal comfort as well as protection from all of the natural elements. It’s comprised of walls, doors, floors, roofs, fenestrations such as windows or skylights and anything else that keeps the elements at bay. You’ll want to know some of the best options when making decisions on the building envelope.

No matter the climate residing in, the first step is always to keep the energy costs at bay. Colder climates will require more energy dollars to keep the heat in while warmer climates may require more in terms of keeping the home cooler.

To start with, insulation is an important factor to consider and a key to weatherizing the space. It can keep out the cold and keep in the warm or vice versa. Before you begin you’ll want to see what the various options offer to you in benefits.

Once you know which options offer the best benefits to you then you can take the required steps to begin your construction. These steps may include insulation, appropriate appliances such as an air conditioner or furnace. Weatherizing the home appropriately and finding where the money loss is going if there is any. Understanding where you’re losing money is tantamount to understanding where you can save money as well.

Home-insulation-rebates If your insulation isn’t right it lets the elements penetrate your home, and lets your AC and heat out.

Stained glass in bathroomEnergy efficient windows and low-e treatments block more of the thermal energy that’ll heat up your home in the summer months.

Front-DoorYour front door should protect your home so be sure your seals, any glass, and weatherstripping are keeping everything out, not just unwanted guests.