A Guide For Energy Efficient Paints

As energy efficient houses keep evolving, energy-efficient paints currently provide a high ROI, low cost method for increasing the energy efficiency of your facility or home. The roof coatings and paints can significantly benefit individual homeowners to large companies, and everything in between these two extremes.


Energy efficient paints now come in nearly all major colors.

Cool Paints For Sidings, Concrete, Stucco And Roofs

These days, tile roof renewal and maintenance for both concrete and clay kinds may be done cost-effectively using a wide array of medium depth efficient colors. The paints will serve to not only completely thermally seal and waterproof the roof tiles, but make them renewable indefinitely as well (re-coat after 10 years). The paints may be used on various kinds of siding and on concrete and stucco walls. Making use of these paints can prevent need to indefinitely replace tile roofs an significantly reduce the amount of wear to all of the exterior walls that are coated.

Available Colors

There is an entire spectrum of solar reflective coatings and paints for wall and roof colors, which means you can have terracotta, browns, mauves, yellows, blues, greens, reds, grays, tans and cool beiges. Only stronger greens and very vivid colors will have limitations in terms of how efficient they can be made by technology. Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) usually will range from 34% to more than 70% depending on which color you choose. The average TSR for white is more than 80%. However, you can even use the color black for a cool roof coating due to the fact that solar panel arrays as well as other design factor may make a black coating quite useful. A “cool” black coating that is well-engineered makes use of this technology to achieve a complete 20 degree cooler surface compare to any other roof repair material that is black or traditional tar black coating, which scores an incredible 32% TSR.

At minimum, the quality of life is improved for for people living in cool-coated building that lack air-conditioning during the year’s really hot months.

Environmental Impact And Cool Roof Rebates

The last are that the residential paint manufacturing industry has explored are reflective wall coatings. However, the new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Green Seal Standards recognize that they are a significant factor for a building’s total energy efficiency. There are numerous possibilities between those and local Utility rebates.

The Green Seal, LEED Credits And Rebates

What that means is that coating the walls with solar-reflective paints can help to ensure additional air conditioning energy cost reductions. That will in turn increase the ROI for any of these kinds of paint jobs. There are also LEED credits for cool roof and non-roof coatings (reference LEED Credit 7.1 and 7.2). which may qualify for receiving publicity benefits for coated buildings, increased property values and energy tax credits.

Cool Paint Technology Financial Benefits

The life-cycles of exterior wall paint jobs may be increased by anywhere from 50% up to 100%. When combined with up to 22% in electrical cost savings, in places where air conditioning tends to be used, the solar-reflective paints on just the walls alone means measurable and large financial paybacks for those using them for repainting as well as new construction projects. When this is further combined on the same buildings with cool roof top coats, there will be a massive reduction in energy needs and even greater environmental benefits.

The energy cost savings can be calculated for cool paint in your location by using the Cool Roof Calculator provided by the U.S. Department of Energy. (link)


Solar reflective cool roof and cool wall coatings will be useful, and at times even imperative, component on all comprehensive construction plans. That is why a thorough cost-benefit analysis considers air conditioning cost savings and increased coating lifespan as functions of paint job longevity and reflective roof coating. If these savings are something you are interested in, start learning how to plan your next painting project as well as execute it today.

The right paints, colors, sealants, and protectants of your home make a huge difference to your energy efficiency. Take care of your home and it’ll take care of you.

Reflective paints keep the sun’s rays from penetrating your walls and can really help the comfort of your home. Just be aware that they will reflect those rays onto your yard so plan accordingly with plants.