Energy Efficient Radiant Barrier

Think about how hot the inside of your car gets when it’s been sitting out in the sun on a hot summer day. That scorching heat and the hard to breathe feeling you get is what’s going on in your attic. You can fight it with a radiant barrier. It will help to keep the sun’s heat out of your home so your home stays comfortable and gives your air conditioner a break, while your home stays cooler. At EcoBuilt, we have experts that can install your radiant barrier and do so quickly and efficiently to keep the summer heat at bay.

How They Work


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A radiant barrier is usually installed in your attic. It has materials that help to reflect the sun’s heat back at the sun in lieu of absorbing them into the home. When your roof is heated up by the sun, it is called radiant energy. It will radiate the heat into your attic, air ducts and eventually, into your home where it will keep your home warmer. A radiant barrier will reduce the heat that your roof retains thus keeping your home cooler. You may even be able to use a smaller sized air conditioner when you replace it if you have a radiant barrier.


If you’re going to buy a radiant barrier, you’ll want to consider a few things first:

How effective the radiant barrier is will be dependent upon proper installation. Always ensure that you use a qualified contractor to install your radiant barrier.

If you choose self-installation, study and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions as well as safety precautions before you begin. Follow them to the letter and be sure that you double check that you’ve followed them right.

It is much easier to install a radiant barrier in a new home as opposed to an existing home. However, it can be installed in an existing home if there is an open style attic.

By allowing the experts at EcoBuilt to install your radiant barrier, you can save a lot of money and time on your cooling and heating costs. Give us a call and let us schedule you for an appointment today.


A radiant barrier installed in the attic of an energy efficient home.

A radiant barrier is like a shield lining your attic to protect the inside of your home from the dangerous heat outside of it.

Don’t let the sun penetrate into your cooling system during the summer months. Keep your air cool and your system working as purely as it can without the added heat.