Reverse Osmosis Systems

Get High Quality Water in Your Home with an RO unit

RO-spicket-for-clean-waterROs, or Reverse Osmosis Systems, are a water purification unit that is installed underneath of your kitchen sink. Here it will purify your tap water delivering you quality water that would be found in a bottle. It’s safe to drink, pure and eliminates the need to ever buy bottled water again. Thus, it saves on pollution by not having all those empty plastic water bottles lying around cluttering up the country and our oceans. Why not consider your own system? You can readily install these in your own home removing over 99 percent of dissolved minerals as well as chlorine and other contaminants in your water. It’s like bottled water from your own kitchen faucet. You’ll love the pure, crystal clear water to drink and cook with.

Here’s how it works. Your water pressure will force the water molecules through the fine membranes and leave the contaminants behind in the filtering system. The pure water will be gleaned off of the membrane at the side and you’ll have fresh, contaminant free water. The contaminants will flush right down the drain from the other side of the membrane. There is a pre-filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, storage tank, and the activated carbon filter.

The reverse osmosis action will remove salt and other inorganic materials that are in your drinking water. It’s ideal if your well has salty water or other minerals or nitrates that aren’t easily removed with other methods of removal and filtration.

Filtration Stages

The Reverse Osmosis unit consists of a sediment pre-filter that will remove all particulates including turbidity, rust and sand. The activated carbon pre-filter then removes chlorine, pesticides and herbicides, disinfectants and lastly, VOCs that may otherwise damage the membrane. This includes all heavy metals, lead and salt, chromium and dissolved solids. There’s a storage tank and there is also an activated carbon post filter for filtering. The carbon is important and will reduce the acidity of the water thus preventing it from damaging the rubber components of the system.

The Sediment Stage: Here the particles such as sand and rust are removed from your water.

Carbon Stage: Here, the chlorine and the chemicals that would damage the TFC reverse osmosis membrane are removed from the water. There are several stages here that will help to remove all of the potentially damaging chemicals from your water.

Reverse Osmosis Stage: Here, dissolved solids and anything that is larger than water molecules are all removed. This is where the bulk of the process will happen.

Remineralization Stage: Here, the water will be remineralized with calcium as well as magnesium to help balance out the pH of your water. This will improve the flavor of your water and introduce healthier minerals into your body.

Storage Tank: Here the water is stored.

Optional specific water treatment stages: Uv filters will destroy any microorganisms as well as arsenic, nitrates, fluoride and deionizations process will happen here.

Final Carbon Stage: This is also referred to as the “polishing stage”. Here the carbon filter will remove any tastes or odors that may have been picked up in the storage tank. Here is where it becomes true Artesian water.


Notice the different filters each have a different color for a different purifying purpose.

Reverse Osmosis Purity

Salt and other inorganic materials will all be removed from your water. If your water has nitrates and radionuclides, these will also be removed. Radionuclides are radioactive isotopes that can get into our water systems through the soil or rocks that form rivers and lakes, or result from manmade sources.Typical radionuclides found in drinking water sources are isotopes of radium, uranium, and radon, among others. Heavy metals and any other minerals will also be removed in this phase.

By choosing a high-quality carbon filter and removing all organic materials as well as all chemicals via the sediment pre-filter, your water will be more pure. Doing this with the reverse osmosis system is a good way to ensure that your water is pure and ready to drink.

Reverse Osmosis Systems will also remove parasites that are microscopic as well as viruses, however if there is a tear in the system these will not be completely removed and may leak back into the water. For this reason, reverse osmosis systems are not rated for removing all microorganisms unless they also utilize an ultraviolet light filter to utilize ultraviolet light to help reduce microorganisms including parasites and potential viruses that may make you or your family ill.