Residential Electricity with Wind Power and Solar Energy

Renewable energy is not only affordable,clean and domestic it is effectively never-ending. There are no emissions produced, this results in air and water for everyone that is cleaner. Renewable energy is creating new jobs and income for local communities. The proceeds obtained from wind and solar farms help revive the local economy helping to build the new hospitals, libraries, schools and roads that are needed.

Solar-and-wind-energy-combinedSome of the best wind resources in the world are located in the United States and they have and they have enough energy to produce probably over ten times what the country currently needs as far as power is concerned. Now one of the most cost effective sources, wind energy is competing with current coal, nuclear power and gas installations.

Over the past few years as improvements have been made on wind turbine technology the cost has steadily dropped. At this moment there are over four hundred American manufacturing factories dedicated to building towers, wind components and blades.

Solar power is a great way to reach the demand for energy in America. The amount of solar installations in the United States alone is over three thousand one hundred megawatts, this is enough to power over six hundred and thirty thousand homes. This industry is able to provide over one hundred thousand Americans with employment and in 2010 that increased by sixty nine percent meaning this sector is one of the fastest growing in the United States.

Since 2010 there has also been a thirty percent drop in in the price of solar panels and it continues to go down. In 2010 the United States by two billion dollars was the highest exporter of solar panels.

Solar and wind energy are dependable sources of electricity which have the potential to vary the nation’s energy portfolio. There is however a serious challenge that the United States will have to face if the growth of renewable energy continues and that is the shortage if transmission.

The communities in the United States that are the richest in sun and wind will be delivering thousands of megawatts of renewable energy to the cities which do not have access to this new, inexpensive and clean power; this will be done through Clean Lines DC (direct current) projects.

Information on Wind Energy

Natural factors such as the rotation of the earth, the surface of the earth being unevenly heated by the sun and irregularities of the surface of the earth are what cause wind which is in essence moving air. For centuries moving ships, grinding grain and pumping water has been done with the energy of the wind. In the twentieth century it was common to see the use of windmills to generate electricity and pump water throughout the Great Plains.


A 20 KW unit like this is perfect for a rural home.

How Do We Produce Wind Energy

The wind is harnessed and turned into energy with the use of wind turbines which generally reach two hundred feet or even more above ground. As the wind blows the blades of the turbines are turned. Connected to the blades is a drive shaft which moves along with the blades. Connected to the shaft is a generator which is what creates the electricity. The electricity being created is done so as an alternating current.

What are the Benefits and Costs of Wind Energy?

In 2010 around two percent of the total energy being produced in the United States was being done so by wind turbines, this is about what eight point seven million homes would consume in a year. In 2010 twenty five percent of all the electric generation capacity in the United States was represented by wind power.

There are no polluting emissions released into the air by wind turbines and there is no need to use water as a coolant. Wind power not only provides a clean source of electricity it also helps maintain the prices on electricity low and therefore protects consumers from the volatility of fossil fuel prices.

Information on Solar Energy

Somehow or another renewable energy is directly or indirectly linked to the sun. Solar energy can be used as a form of solar cooling, hot water heating and electricity generating. Solar energy is complementary to wind energy whose production is at its peak at night and is produced during the day while the sun is shining.

How Do We Produce Solar Energy?

With use of mirrors concentrated power is reflected onto receivers that collect the solar energy which they then convert into heat. This thermal energy is then used to create electricity through a heat engine operating a generator or a steam turbine.

In photovoltaic solar technology PV (photovoltaic cells) are used in order to directly convert sunlight into electricity. Made of semiconductor PV cells are able to provide an enormous amount of power to the electric grid.

What are the Benefits of Using Solar Energy?

There is no water or air pollution, no greenhouse gases produced with the use of solar energy. Not only is solar energy predictable but is far more efficient than these high utility rates we have nowadays.


Maximize your savings when you design your home and your energy efficiency properly so that your home is built right and works as one to give you the best place to live.


With solar & wind technologies you can now power your home, your hot water, air conditioning, and much more.