Solar Pool Heating System Guide


How a solar pool heating system works.  image credit:

A pool is among the finest luxuries that so many homeowners enjoy and love about their homes. That is why maximizing how much time they can spend inside their pool is so important. Whether they want to gather together friends and family for outdoor parties, or would like to cool down on a hot summer day, the more time that you can spend in your pool, the better it will be. So it is always tempting to have pools heaters to raise the temperature of the water enough so that you can enjoy it. However, heating a pool frequently costs more than a lot of people realize, depending on what the layout and size of the pool is. And as improvements continue to be made in solar technology, getting a solar pool heater installed can provide you with a year-round and efficient method for maintaining your pool at a comfortable level.

An electric or gas pool heater can result in very high costs. These costs are in fact enough to make a majority of home owners shut their pools down when it starts to get chilly outside. However, the whole point of even having a pool in the first place is to improve the convenience and comfort of your home, instead of just taking up space in your backyard during the winter.

The way that solar pool heating works is very similar to a solar water heater. You install solar pool panels on your roof, and they absorb the sun’s thermal energy to directly heat the water. The pool water gets pumped through the thermal exchange process. It then gets returned to the pool. Although it is a simple process, there are numerous components that go into solar pool heating systems. They all need to be properly installed and sized.

Why Having A Solar Pool Heater Professionally Installed Is So Important

Installed-solar-powered-pool-heatingWe are here to advise you throughout the entire process when you are installing a solar pool heating system. We provide exceptional installation services for solar pool heaters, and we do everything we can to ensure that our clients are supplied with everything they need. Throughout the entire process, from the first day when you and our staff meet to talk about your pooling heating requirements to the day that we come to install the solar panels at your house, we will ensure that you receive all of the necessary information. If your solar pool heater was installed by us, we can also provide you with whatever maintenance and repair needs that might be required by your solar pool heating system.

In terms of hiring a professional for installing a solar pool heater for you, it is critical that an expert be hired. That is exactly where we come in. We have technicians on staff that are more than capable of handing virtually anything that relates to solar technology. That means you can have complete confidence that your job will be done right the first time. We take great pride in our exceptional workmanship and customer service. Let us assist you with reducing your energy costs and becoming more energy independent. Give us a call today.